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Article Highlight: What is the Purpose of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act?

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) was first enacted in 1975. It requires most mortgage lenders to collect specific information about the mortgage loans they make and report this information to the public.… Keep reading »

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About Mortgages

Learning about mortgages can be very confusing, particularly for first-time home buyers with little experience regarding substantial loans with long-term repayment periods. There are many types of mortgages, and different lenders may approach loan offers in a variety of ways. Consumers should investigate their options before committing to one particular quote and should always critically evaluate their options before pursuing a new mortgage.

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The About Mortgages category at LoveToKnow.com is filled with helpful articles for consumers who want to boost their knowledge of home loans. Whether you're just starting to learn about this type of financing, if you've had a mortgage for years, or even if you're thinking about becoming a mortgage broker, you can benefit from the helpful information here. Examples of what you'll find in the category include:

Your Mortgage for You

The key to finding the right mortgage is finding one that works for you. Every homeowner's circumstances vary, and the type of mortgage, interest rate, or lender that works for your friend, neighbor, co-worker or sibling may not be the best choice for your financial needs. By carefully investigating how loans work and what the differences are between various mortgage types and brokers versus lenders, you can choose the option that best fits your financial situation and future plans without jeopardizing your credit, your home, or your sanity.

About Mortgages