Mortgage Amortization

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You don't have to be an Excel spreadsheet whiz to create your own amortization table. All the formulas have been pre-calculated for you, so you need only to key them into the appropriate cells. Just follow these… Keep reading »

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Mortgage Amortization
Mortgage amortization doesn't have to be complicated.

Learn About Mortgage Amortization

If the concept of mortgage amortization seems too complex to fully understand, don't worry. Once you understand the basics behind amortization -and realize that there are plenty of helpful resources available to simplify amortization- it won't seem nearly as difficult to understand.

Mortgage Amortization Explained

What is mortgage amortization? The term amortization refers to a payment schedule that includes a set monthly payment that is applied toward the principal and interest. Reviewing an amortization schedule for your mortgage will reveal several important things you need to know:

Learning about the amortization of your mortgage loan can help you to understand the huge impact that extra payments can have on the overall cost of your loan.

Amortization Schedules

Run an amortization schedule before you obtain a home loan to figure out how much your monthly mortgage payments will be. After you obtain a mortgage, you can use an amortization schedule to how much extra you should pay each month in order to knock years off the length of time it takes you to pay the loan off in full.

Mortgage Amortization