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Article Highlight: How to Create an Excel Amortization Table

You don't have to be an Excel spreadsheet whiz to create your own amortization table. All the formulas have been pre-calculated for you, so you need only to key them into the appropriate cells. Just follow these… Keep reading »

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If the concept of mortgage amortization seems too complex to fully understand, don't worry. Once you understand the basics behind amortization -and realize that there are plenty of helpful resources available to simplify amortization- it won't seem nearly as difficult to understand.

Mortgage Amortization Explained

You might think that the definition of amortization would be a long one. But, if you break it down, it's actually pretty simple. The term amortization refers to a payment schedule that includes monthly set payments that is applied to the principle and interest. So, your mortgage amortization is the monthly payments that you pay your mortgage company. When you're thinking of getting a mortgage, there are lots of questions that you need to ask yourself. Knowing your monthly amortization can help you know how your payments will be divided, what your monthly payment will be, and even how much quicker you could pay off your mortgage with extra payments. It can also show you how your mortgage balance will evolve over time.

Breaking Down Mortgage Amortization Tables

Knowing what it is and how it relates to you are truly two different things. Knowing is great but understanding not only how you can calculate your own 30 year amortization table or even creating one in Excel is something different. These articles will show you how you can create your own amortization schedule and even help you to plan for what might change with additional payments. In addition to breaking down the math of how to calculate amortization, sample schedules are available for you to look over. You can also see early pay off options to take that 30-year loan into 25 years. Knowledge is power and getting informed can help you to make the right mortgage decisions.

Using Amortization Calculators

Is trying to make your own amortization table giving you a headache? Don't worry, mortgage amortization calculators are here to help you out. Not only that but you get line-by-line instructions for how to fill out the calculator to get your numbers perfect. This can make your life a lot simpler and get you that much closer to the mortgage of your dreams.

Getting Your Dream Home

Getting that dream home comes at a cost. But if you know what your mortgage amortization will be, then it can make things a lot easier. Not only will you know and understand your monthly payment, but you can see how early payments might get you to home ownership a little faster. With tables and calculators readily available, don't get lost in the numbers game.

Mortgage Amortization Help