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Article Highlight: Free Printable Amortization Table

An amortization table lets you see what your loan payments will be each month for the life of your loan and also gives you a preview of the outstanding loan balance at each point. Use the calculator below to… Keep reading »

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The bottom line question that most home buyers want answered is whether or not they can afford to buy a house. So many factors affect loan eligibility and monthly payments that it can be difficult to even know the right questions to ask. The information presented within LoveToKnow's Mortgage Calculators can help.

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The Big Picture

Shopping for a mortgage is no small task, and it will impact your finances for many years to come. Principle, interest, taxes, and insurance -sometimes called PITI- all come together to determine the actual monthly cost of home ownership. Understand and calculate the cost of each of these elements so you can assess which mortgage product is best for your budget.

Mortgage Calculators