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In response to the 2008 Housing Crisis, state and federal governments established agencies to help with interest only mortgages. The right agency to help you depends on whether you are seeking cash to help you… Keep reading »

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Popular Mortgage Companies

Picking a lender among all the many mortgage companies available involves much more than simply researching which one offers the lowest rates. Lenders do their very best to appear attractive to potential applicants, so it can sometimes be difficult to sift through the marketing material to find out the actual terms and conditions of loans.

Ask Questions When Researching Mortgage Options

Potential borrowers need to ask many questions before choosing a mortgage company. Questions you might ask include the following:

  • Does the lender have pre-payment penalties?
  • Does the lender continue to service the loan after closing, or is it sold to another servicing company?
  • Does the lender offer rate modifications if the borrower wants to lower the interest rate someday?

Mortgage consultants should be able to answer all these questions in addition to any other questions borrowers may have.

Compare Mortgage Companies

It pays to research mortgage companies before submitting an application. Don't get stuck with an unscrupulous lender and a bad mortgage loan. There is a mortgage company for every borrower, whether borrowers have:

  • Perfect credit
  • Average credit
  • Damaged credit
  • Large down payment
  • Small down payment
  • No down payment
  • Any other number of circumstances

Loan Program Availability

FHA loans are not issued by the Federal Housing Administration, just like VA loans are not issued by the Veterans Administration. Both of these organizations, however, guarantee loans for qualifying individuals. Not all lenders will accept these loan guarantees, so if a potential borrower wants to utilize a loan guarantee from either of these organizations they must first check with lenders to make sure the loan guarantee is accepted.

Make the Right Decision

Finding the best choice among all the mortgage companies involves some research, but the effort may result in thousands of dollars saved over the life of a home loan. You owe it to yourself to review what national and local lenders, as well as mortgage brokers, have to offer before making your final decision.

Mortgage Companies