Common Mortgage Lead Questions

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Here are some common mortgage lead questions for those interested in marketing mortgage loans.

What is a Cold Lead?

Topping the list of common mortgage lead questions is what is a cold lead? A cold lead is a record that contains a small amount of unverified contact information such as name, phone number and address, perhaps a little more. Someone will have to verify this information through research and add more. Cold leads are typically for lead generation companies but not usually for direct sales efforts.

Who Works with Cold Leads?

Primarily, mortgage lead generation companies work to refine cold leads into qualified leads.

How can I Get Cold Mortgage Leads?

The best place to start looking for cold mortgage loan leads is public records. Counties, cities and townships hold public records of property sales. Whenever a property is purchased, a clerk must record the sale at the local municipality. You can freely view the property sales records at the municipality office. Some localities have made their property sales records available through the internet.

How do I Use Cold Mortgage Leads?

Lead generation companies turn cold leads into qualified leads. Independent salespeople might do their own research and qualification work turning cold leads into qualified leads. However, a salesperson's time is best spent using warm leads rather than cold leads.

What Are Qualified Leads?

Qualified leads are ready-for-sales records containing information which has been thoroughly verified through research and updating. These are intended for sales professionals who can use them with confidence in direct sales efforts based on an informed sales approach.

Who Works with Qualified Mortgage Loan Leads?

Mortgage sales professional teams employed by mortgage lenders, mortgage loan marketing companies and some independent mortgage salespersons work with qualified leads. Their job is to make contact with potential buyers to set appointments for loan applications.

Where can I Find Qualified Mortgage Loan Leads?

You can create your own qualified leads through researching cold mortgage loan leads or you can buy them in discounted bulk from a lead generation company. Transforming cold leads into qualified leads requires a lot of time and effort. It is recommended that salespeople buy them from a lead generation company.

What is a Warm Lead?

Warm leads can come from a different places and can differ in purpose. Some mortgage loans are for buying property. Others are for refinancing or second mortgages. When someone wants to buy a property, the real estate agent refers home buyers to one or more mortgage loan companies. The buyer then chooses the mortgage company and arranges a meeting to apply for the loan needed to buy property or to refinance.

Another kind of warm mortgage lead can be created through mortgage advertising web sites. This type of warm lead is created when a potential buyer completes an online application. The companies providing online mortgage loan applications will validate the information before passing it on to the mortgage loan salesperson. The internet contains many web site that allow potential buyers to apply for mortgage loans.

Who Works with Warm Mortgage Loan Leads?

Mortgage loan companies employ loan professionals who work with warm leads. Their job involves oversight of many critical details which are handled during the application appointment with the buyer. They assist the buyer with the application, gather the buyer's financial documents and communicate lending topics to the buyer. These items are collected creating a mortgage application package. The mortgage application package is verified and delivered to the mortgage approval officers.

Where can I Find Warm Mortgage Loan Leads?

Warm Leads can be purchased by mortgage companies from mortgage loan marketing companies, commonly those offering online mortgage loan applications. A mortgage company may have their own web site through which buyers can fill out a mortgage loan application. Mortgage lenders still receive plenty of warm leads from buyer referrals through real estate agents.

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Common Mortgage Lead Questions