Free Websites Listing Foreclosed Homes

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When perusing free websites for foreclosed homes, be sure that you don't get convinced to enter a credit card number in order to fully access the database of the website. There are many sites available that charge nothing and offer accurate information, so there is no reason to pay to access the information you are looking for.

Plenty of Information

Search for free websites for foreclosed homes and you will undoubtedly receive an impressive amount of results. Whether you are looking for foreclosures by state, international foreclosures, residential homes or commercial homes, or even for a certain price range, you will find all the information you need online. With this wealth of information comes potential problems, however, as some websites provide information that is less than accurate and others make the claim to be free but wind up asking for a credit card number for full access. In worst case scenarios, some of these websites not only provide false information and attempt to obtain your credit card number, but they also infect your computer with adware, spyware, or viruses.

For these reasons, use caution when searching online for free information pertaining to foreclosed homes. It is true that you can find free foreclosure listings online, as well as information regarding pre-foreclosures that may soon become available, but it is best to stick to reliable sites that will provide accurate information at no cost.

The Best Free Websites for Foreclosed Homes

There are a few websites that offer listings of foreclosed homes that are absolutely free. Visit these reliable websites instead of utilizing random websites that pop up after conducting an Internet search.

Government Foreclosure Listings

When the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) insures a home loan through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the home winds up in foreclosure, HUD then lists the home on the Internet for potential buyers to see. Prospective purchasers must submit bids to purchase HUD homes through an authorized real estate representative, but searching through the database of foreclosed HUD homes is available to anyone.

There is no charge to view the listing. Homes are listed by state; clicking on a state reroutes your search to a non-government website run by an agency approved to offer free foreclosure listings. Similarly, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also acquires homes through foreclosure. The VA offers mortgage loan guarantees to eligible veterans, but when the borrower fails to meet payment obligations the home becomes the property of the VA. Homes are then sold by a contracted source. Conduct a free search of VA foreclosed properties by visiting the official VA website.

Bank Foreclosures

listings for free:

Tax foreclosure sales

Not all home foreclosures stem from insured mortgages. When a lender forecloses on a home, the lender then takes possession of the home and is then tasked with the need to find another buyer for the home. Although the sale of foreclosures vary from one state to another and from one lender to another, many lenders offer free listings of foreclosed homes that are available for purchase.

Here is a small sample of some of the lenders offering websites containing foreclosure

  • Bank of America offers a listing of foreclosed properties available for purchase. Free registration to the site is required, but there is no charge to view the listing after the registration.
  • Wells Fargo provides a free listing of bank-owned homes in a variety of locations.
  • Chase has a free listing of foreclosed homes that can does not require registration to view.

Real Estate Representatives

Find a reputable real estate agent to assist you in finding and purchasing a foreclosed home. Real estate agents have easy access to the Multiple Listing Service, and will be able to sift through the listing to help you find foreclosures in your area.

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Free Websites Listing Foreclosed Homes