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Are you wondering if an online mortgage education is right for you? Whether you need to prepare to take the National Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) exam, or are seeking professional development or continuing education opportunities, or are looking for entry level training to help you learn the basics about mortgage loans, you can choose to take the training you need online.

Benefits of Online Mortgage Education

Many people find the idea of taking training courses online to be more appealing than attending in-person class sessions. There are many benefits associated with taking the mortgage education classes that you need via an online delivery system.

Convenience & Flexibility

Taking online courses is often more convenient than attending structured classes. Rather than having to interrupt your workday or give up spending evenings at home with your family in order to go to class meetings, you can complete online mortgage education classes from your office in between appointments, at lunch, at home in the evenings after your kids are asleep, or from any other location that works for you.

Because you get to decide when and where to complete your professional development activities, online training is a flexible solution that puts you in control of your mortgage industry education.

Save Commuting Time & Gas Money

Opting for online mortgage classes rather than attending face-to-face training sessions means that you won't have to deal with commuting from your home or office to a local school, conference center, or other location where classes may be held. This can result in a significant savings of time and money, depending on how far you would have to travel to attend the types of mortgage education courses that you need to take. When you are registered in an online class, there is no need to travel to another city, across town, or even across the street. Your classroom can be any location where you have access to the Internet.

Examples of Online Mortgage Classes

You can take just about any type of mortgage training courses that you might need online. Examples of online mortgage classes include:

  • Capstone Institute: This training provider offers a number of online courses for mortgage professionals, including Understanding FHA Loans, Understanding VA Loans, Qualifying the Self Employed Borrower, various state-specific mortgage compliance classes, and other topics. The company also offers live class sessions in various locations throughout the United States.
  • The Mortgage Training Institute: MTI offers online exam preparation training for the national MLO test and individual courses focused on knowledge to the industry as well as classes designed to teach mortgage professionals how to build their businesses. Specific courses available include Loan Officer Boot Camp, Loan Officer Business Development, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) Rules, and state-specific continuing education seminars.

Making the Decision

You are the only person who can decide if choosing to take your mortgage classes online is the right decision for you. Before you sign up for a seminar or exam preparation class, take the time to research what online options are available. You just might find that the convenience of being able to complete the mortgage training you need in a virtual environment is the perfect option for you.

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