Private Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

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If you have less than perfect credit, it may be difficult to secure a mortgage through a major financial institution such as a bank or credit union. However, private lenders may be able to assist you with achieving your dreams of homeownership.

Selecting a Private Lender

Be sure to verify the reputability of the lender you are considering through your state's mortgage broker licensing board before selecting a loan that best suits your needs.

Online Database

The following entities offer online resources to assist borrowers with locating private lenders:

  • The American Association of Private Lenders, which represents organizations nationwide that specialize in peer-to-peer and private real estate lending, provides a lender directory on their website.
  • Lending Universe enables you to receive between four and ten bids on your request for funding. To apply for a loan, simply complete the brief loan request form located on the website. If a lender is interested, they may promptly respond to your inquiry with a Letter of Interest and corresponding approval.

Private Lending Companies

Select private lenders offer financing options to those individuals who have special circumstances that would likely automatically disqualify them with traditional lenders. Not many of these lenders work on a national level; most offer private loans within one or two particular states.

Below are two private lenders offering loans on a broader scale.

Loan Leaders of America

This company specializes in assisting non-traditional borrowers with home purchases. Those with past credit issues and people who are unemployed are target customers. In most instances, a lower loan- to-value product that is accompanied by a higher interest rate is offered, but timely payments can serve as a credit booster and possibly qualify you for refinancing in the future.

To learn more or apply for a loan with this company:

Patriot Lending Services, Inc.

Patriot Lending Services enables those with poor credit to possibly obtain financing through their "Imperfect Credit Program." In most instances, the interest rates are steeper than average and you may not be eligible for a fixed mortgage. Also, a penalty usually applies if the entire outstanding balance of the loan is paid off early. However, it is possible to strengthen your credit file if you adhere to the payment terms and conditions each month.

To learn more or apply for a Patriot Lending Services Loan:

Important Considerations

Since private home loan products usually come with higher interest rates as a result of credit risk, you should only consider these mortgages for a brief period of time. Once a few years have passed, seek more attractive financing elsewhere. Do keep in mind that a prepayment penalty might apply for these types of loans, so an additional fee may apply when refinancing into a mortgage with better terms.

Also consider working toward repairing your credit and building up a substantial down payment prior to applying to secure the most beneficial and affordable product.

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Private Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders